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Assisting innovation driven businesses reach new heights

As the old adage goes that the best overnight successes take ten years, we can assure you that we have been around for more than a decade, and still find new ways to help scaleups grow, everyday.

We’ve been engineering growth for scaleups for over a decade

Grindstone is a structured entrepreneurship development programme that assists high-growth innovation-driven companies to get the fundamental building blocks in place to scale quickly and become sustainable and fundable. Every year, a handpicked group of scaleup entrepreneurs get to participate in our highly successful accelerator programmes across various geographies. Throughout six to nine months, they work through a tailored scaleup growth engineering programme that features intense learning and engagement, with opportunities to access new networks, knowledge, markets, and funding opportunities. Now which scaleup would not want that?

We started as an accelerator in 2013 and have pragmatically grown our footprint into the rest of the globe. The needs of scaleups are all the same, albeit in different ratios. There is a need for Knowledge, Networks, Funding and Markets. As we moved our business model from acceleration to growth engineering over the last decade, we have honed our approach to suit scaleup needs worldwide. The concept of acceleration has grown from traditional cohorts and curricula to tailormade engagements with scaleups based on their individual needs. We have found that a blended approach to growing businesses works the best as needs vary from business to business.


The knowledge component of our programme focuses on finding the most knowledgeable people, content, stories, and approaches to share with scaleups. Our practical, hands-on approach includes top speakers, coaches and mentors who provide exceptional guidance and support; Highly curated course materials; Tips, tools, templates, and platforms to enhance learning.


We collaborate with the best ecosystem partners around the globe to ensure the success of our scale-ups in Grindstone. It takes a globe to raise a scaleup. Through our extensive networks, we attract the most promising scale-ups to our programmes, which benefits their growth and provides positive exposure for both scale-ups and partners.
We leverage funding and market networks, especially for our scaleups.


Depending on the life stage of a business, funding is needed at some point to help the business grow. With Grindstone Ventures, our post-seed, pre-Series A fund, and one of our shareholders, Knife Capital, with their Series A and beyond funds, we can provide a robust funding solution across the funding value chain. Where we cannot fund the businesses, we provide scaleups with introductions to our vast network of co-investors, as we enable them to get funding ready with a strong data room preparation focus.


Our robust and reliable partner value chain presents valuable partnerships, potential clients, and opportunities for scaleups. Many of our programme partners across the globe are keen to enable scaleups into their supply chains and networks, and this part of the programme presents real customer growth opportunities. We take a very pragmatic approach to get scaleups Go-to-Market (GTM) ready and introduce the scaleups to our market access partners to help businesses scale.

When a scaleup joins Grindstone, our growth enablement acts as our own deconstructed DD approach to enable market and funding readiness for the scaleups in the programme. From value proposition to delivery methods, pricing to customer acquisition and retention, or IP, people management and financial and governance processes, we cover all the topics thatare essential for building a successful business. Our goal is exceptionalgrowth. At scale.

Grindstone regional

In the past decade, Grindstone has experienced impressive organic growth by supporting startups through our various programmes. Our expansion into new regions has played a significant role in this growth.

Grindstone Africa

Introducing Grindstone Africa, our online business accelerator program.

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Grindstone South Africa

Introducing the pioneering startup accelerator Grindstone South Africa.

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UK and Channel Islands

Introducing Grindstone UK & Channel Islands, an effective accelerator of innovation.

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Successful businesses that have completed the Grindstone Accelerator include:


acquired by Garmin


acquired by Huble Digital


acquired by Momentum Metropolitan


acquired by Massmart


acquired by FM: Systems


acquired by DPO Group

Sea Monster

funded by First Rand


funded by Montegray Capital


acquired by Yoco


funded by Knife Capital